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What Will Your Clutter Legacy Be?

My husband and I bought our old farmhouse almost 38 years ago when he agreed to sell his sports car to provide the down payment (Thanks Bob!). We have an acre of land with a lot of trees, a pond, a stream, and two barns. We have updated just about every inch of the house and the land...several times over. It's a LOT of work (translation: money pit) and it's not perfect, but we continue to work hard to make it our home.

Over the years we have had so many adventures: making apple wine, putting an addition on the house, catching fish and restocking our pond, constructing a new garage (with a second story to serve as a rec room for our son and his friends), redoing the stream (3 times), planting Christmas trees, shrubs and bushes and cutting down trees, shrubs and bushes. Over the years we have raised six cats, five chickens, five ducks, four dogs, three goats, and two bunnies. Many of those animals came from neighboring properties, but the more the merrier!

Along with those adventures comes lots of leftover construction pieces, cages, feed containers, lumber, empty barrels of wine and on and on and on. During the pandemic we had time to survey our property and decided it was time to consider our "clutter legacy". The last thing we wanted to do was to leave this mess to our only son for him to clean up after we were gone. Quite honestly this is one of the most common reasons my clients call me: they don't want to leave a mess for their children or relatives.

If you have cleaned out a relative's home, you know that it can be physically and mentally exhausting. We question why many items have been kept and why they were considered essential to the household. As we say goodbye to the crazy year of 2020, many of us may have developed a new list of essential items for our lives. When you consider what is essential in your household, recall what items you used during quarantine and what items were less than necessary. If you don't want your clutter legacy to be a burden to your family, question everything: if it's no longer useful to you, donate it to someone who can use it. Your family will thank you!

From our old house to yours...Happy Holidays and a Healthy 2021!!!

Click here for my handout on “Uncluttering for the New Year!”