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Rethinking What Is and Is Not Essential

In the past couple of months, the world has redefined what the word essential means. Essential workers, essential quarantine supplies, and the essential people in our lives. I know I made some decisions about what is and what is not essential in my life during this time, how about you?

Many of my clients were decluttering a lot of non-essential items that were suddenly not making the cut in their homes. Not leaving your home for weeks on end can do that; what becomes essential rises to the top and the rest becomes C.R.A.P. (Clutter that Robs Anyone of Pleasure).  

Living through a quarantine has helped me realize that I designed the spaces in my home to hold the essential items that make my life easier and that make me happy. Letting go of the CRAP is an on-going process for me and it helps me maintain sanity in a face-paced world. It also provides a peaceful sanctuary for me and my family. Here are the essential spaces in my home and how to keep them manageable by eliminating the non-essential items:


  • Include comfortable clothing and shoes that really fit and make you feel good about yourself; a bedside table that includes only the items you use on a nightly basis; comfortable mattress and bedding; and décor that calms you and makes you smile.
  • Let go of everything that doesn’t fit, is worn out, makes you feel bad about your body, haven’t used or worn in years, or décor that invokes bad karma or negative feelings.


  • Include one shampoo, one conditioner, one soap (or body wash), the make-up you actually use, the medications you currently take, limited hair and face products and pretty towels.
  • Let go of everything that does not work as promised, hasn’t been used in years, is expired or old, and stained or ratty towels. 


  • Include items that can do double or triple duty, a realistic amount of storage containers, single layer of mugs and glasses, and plenty of healthy snacks. 
  • Let go of gadgets used once or never, appliances or items you no longer use, too much of anything, extraneous kitchen utensils, and snacks that don’t encourage healthy eating. 


  • Include office supplies and current project files within arm’s reach, library of resource material you use on a regular basis, updated electronics and office equipment that saves time and increases efficiency and décor that inspires you and supports your ambitions.
  • Let go of outdated office equipment, old files and tax returns no longer needed, books not referenced in years, and décor with a negative vibe. 

Finally, as we go forward into the new normal, I hope you have redefined what is essential in your life. Do not let anyone tell you what is essential for you or your life, and that includes people or stuff.