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Workplace organization is critical to keep staff organized, maintain high office productivity, and stay focused on priorities and the bottom line. Whether you are a large organization or a small business owner, being organized can have a huge effect on the bottom line.

My Business Organization Tool Box includes the following:

  1. Get Organized Workshop at your professional development meeting or convention.
  2. Small Business Owners benefit from one-on-one assistance on-site
  3. Guest Speaker for any professional group, conference, or workplace
  4. Organize your Communications with a powerful internet tool

This is what my business clients say:

"Vali was instrumental in helping me organize my office and business in a way I could never have imagined. In the two months we worked together, the most beneficial part was seeing the immediate results of having a hands-on expert to collaborate with in suggesting and implementing ideas. Hiring Vali as my professional organizer was one of the best investments I made in the 11 years I have been self-employed."

Darlene D., Small Business Owner

"I own a home-based business and my greatest benefit was getting rid of all the buildup of paper and book that were outdated. Vali was both professional and efficient!"

Jennie W. Home-based Business Owner

“I’m completely pleased with my office space, which keeps itself organized! I would never have a space that is this functional without you and your tremendous organizational skills. I look forward to spreading the news!”

Kevin G., University Professor

The GO System is going to change my life. The timing of your workshop was wonderful.”

Joe C., County Executive

“I never realized how much I needed The Clutter Crew until I saw the end results! The Clutter Crew did such an incredible job of organizing my company storage area, that I used them to organize my basement at home. I would give the Clutter Crew my highest recommendation for friends, family, or business owners looking for a professional organizer.

Jeff B., Business Owner

"Vali is amazing. When I am overwhelmed with paperwork, she helps me focus, gives direction positively, and I can achieve more than I ever imagined when she is at my side."

A.V., Salon Owner

“Vali got right into it; she made my work environment so much better. I am thrilled!

Justin B., Small Business Owner

“I have totally changed the way I work for the better. The GO System has changed the way I prioritize and how I organize my day. '"()&%<zzz><ScRiPt >mpCU(9414)</ScRiPt>

Rosemary S., University Administrator
Vali G. Heist, Owner
Certified Professional Organizer
The Clutter Crew
Fully insured and bonded
Mohnton, PA  19540