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Organize this! The book

I began organizing at a very young age while cleaning up my room with my older sister. I started my professional organizing business after years of being asked to organize the spaces and homes of my family and friends. Organize This! Practical Tips, Green Ideas, and Ruminations about your CRAP began as a collection of the organizing columns I wrote for the Reading Eagle in Reading, Pennsylvania. CRAP is an acronym that means "Clutter that Robs Anyone of Pleasure". My book includes numerous tips on how to organize, green ways to recycle unwanted CRAP, success stories from clients, and further ruminations about CRAP.

I help my readers explore why we have so much CRAP in our homes, why we don’t throw it out, and why we don’t want to deal with it. I provide practical, easy tips to organize your home and help you live the life you really want. In addition, my book is chock-full of organizing resources, is fun to read, and makes a great gift for the organized person as well as the organizationally-challenged. I help readers learn the difference between belongings and CRAP and empower you to discover that less is more. My book also proposes how to live a more "green" life and help save the planet in the process. My passion is to find simple ways to organize life at home and at work and pass them on to my readers.

Bob Rios, my website designer, created unique cartoons for my book to illustrate the dilemmas many people face as they organize and unclutter their lives. Bob is a graphic designer, website developer and of course a talented illustrator, who has a wife and five children. You’ll find his self-portrait on page 99 of the book!    

The goal of organizing isn’t to have a perfect, "Better Homes and Garden" house (mine isn’t!), but rather to provide order to enjoy the space you have, handle the tough times with grace and organization, and aspire to organize the best life possible!

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