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I was a part-time columnist for The Sunday Reading Eagle, located in Reading, Pennsylvania. My monthly column was called “Organize This!” and appeared the first Sunday of the month in the Home section. Here is a library of my last columns. If you reprint my column, please give me appropriate credit. Enjoy and share with family and friends!

December 2016-Larger Issues Affect the Process of Organizing

November 2016-Organizing 101: Just the Basics

October 2016-Minimalism: A Movement Gaining Momentum

September 2016-Allow Souvenirs to Complement Not Clutter Your Home

August 2016-The First Step to Organizing isn't Buying More Plastic

July 2016-Die Clutter-free and Save the Planet

June 2016-Have a Party to Unload CRAP (Clutter that Robs Anyone Pleasure)

April 2016-Organizing Can Provide Calm in a Chaotic World

March 2016-Use Tax Time to Organize Your Paperwork

February 2016-Mid-Year Reports May Prompt Students to Get Organized

January 2016-Get Back to Basics in the New Year

December 2015-Get Organized and Take Stock Before You Buy

November 2015-The Green Pope: A man after my own heart

October 2015-My Organized Life Starets with a Paper Planner

Getting Organized Magazine-April 11, 2016

Organize This! Book Review

Goodwill Keystone Annual Report-2014

Vali Heist, Volunteer of the Year-Goodwill Keystone

Business Weekly, Reading Eagle Special Section, April 2013:

April 9, 2013-Get Organized and Go Green-Consultants Find Niche, take the Plunge

Articles from other publications:

Lewistown Sentinel, April 5-6, 2014-Home Organizer: Let the clutter go.Part 1

Lewistown Sentinel, April 5-6, 2014-Home Organizer: Let the clutter go.Part 2

Business Weekly, April 9, 2013-Consultants Find a Niche, Take the Plunge

Cape May Star and Wave, May 29, 2013-Sometimes it Takes a Pro to Tackle Clutter

Mature Living, January 27, 2013-Downsizing without Moving means Getting Rid of Unwanted Items

Berks County Living Magazine:

April 2014-In the Limelight-Vali Heist-Professional Organizer

April 2013-Clean up and Help out

January 2012-Embrace Your Space

January 2009-Live Simpler

September 2008-Categorize to Minimize Clutter

January 2007-Get Organized


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