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Many employees are stressed, overworked and doing more with less. I am passionate about organization being one of the keys to productive, focused, and more satisfied employees. The power of organizing the work day, even in small ways, can make a big impact in helping staff integrate work and home life more easily and reduce the stress and anxiety that comes from being overwhelmed and overloaded.

I am a Certified GO System trainer for Businesses. ‘GO’ simply means get organized! The GO System was developed by DME Training and Consulting from Memphis, Tennessee. Being organized and staying organized isn't just about organizing paper, its shifting behavior.

With 25 years of administrative experience and 12 years as a small business owner, I am committed to helping businesses assist their employees to get more out of their workday and I would love the opportunity to bring my workshop to your place of business or convention.

There are several Get Organized topics to choose from:

  • Organizing Your Work Day-Small things make a big impact at work and in life
  • Barriers to Getting Organized-Make changes that last
  • Wellness and Being Organized Go Hand-in-Hand
  • Send Out Cards Workshop-Market to clients with real cards
  • Women Excelling through the Power of Organizing

Get the most out of your professional development budget dollars and get down to the foundation of productivity: organization. Please call me to about a Get Organized workshop today!

Here is a testimonial from a workshop I did at an International Business in Philadelphia, PA:

"We benefitted greatly from having Vali speak at our business mid-2014. Our customized presentation provided tips for how to deal with our CRAP and how multitasking actually can decrease productivity. Employees were able to take away very valuable lessons, which applied not only to our office, but also in the personal lives of our employees as well."

Take a few moments to calculate the bottom-line impact of disorganization for your company or workgroup.


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