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client testimonials

These are testimonials from actual clients. References are available upon request, so feel free to call us.

"I'm showing gratitude for the incomparable engine you've been in downsizing a great deal of, and reorganizing the remainder of, the chaos which my wife and I had managed to accumulate over a half-century."   O. W.

"Vali is just the best! She is a real recycler."   Charlie, age 5 1/2

"Thank you so much for helping my mother in her new apartment; It is such a relief to me and I have never been happier to pay a bill."   Karen L.

"Vali has just the right touch and non-judgmental attitude to help us let go of items we weren't using. Our home looks and feels much better!"   Ellen M.

"I was surprised how enjoyable it's been to work with you! You inspired and encouraged me and your help was invaluable. You turned a task that would have been sheer drudgery into something I really looked forward to!"   Bobbie H.

"How do I thank you for all you've done for me? A dead mouse at your door? Let me simply thank you with extra gratitude and appreciation on top!"   Mimi K.

"I felt really good about today. I continued to work after you left because I could use what we did together to go even further. After I finished, I went back several times to "admire" the work that was done. It was a huge weight lifted from me!"   Darlene D.

"Vali is an extremely trustworthy, resourceful, and creative professional organizer who operates with patience, kindness and joy. She taught me how to sell on Craig's List and I'm earning extra cash! She excels at finding easy solutions to everyday problems."   Julia B.

"Thanks to you I am no longer embarrassed to have visitors in my kitchen."   Don B.

"I was surprised how easy it was and how good it felt to let go of stuff after I started to unclutter!"   Debbie S.

"My family and I could never have cleaned out my Dad's house without the speed and perspective you provided. We enjoyed working with you!"   Maryann G.

"I am much more likely to throw/donate now instead of just storing something."   Mary B.

"Vali was professional, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with. We can't thank her enough!"   Joan & Art

"Getting rid of stuff was the best benefit!"   Paula B.

"The greatest benefit from working with the Vali was peace of mind. The experience was better than I expected!"   Alyce V.

"Unequivocally, Vali provides wonderful assistance and is very productive each visit."   Vicki E.

"Please keep up the good work!"   Sam M.

"Getting help with letting go of things and being better organized was the greatest experience!"   Terri E.

"I can't thank you enough! You changed my life! I tell everyone I know about you."   Mel B.

"I accomplished the goal of getting my space back and getting organized. It was definitely worth the time and money!"   Karen W. 

"I am thankful to have met Vali. She objectively and kindly moves me in the right direction. I got control of my house."   Eileen J.

"Vali is so nonjudgmental as I move through my decisions to declutter. She has been so supportive and compassionate. I love her!"   Kathy N.   

"Vali is completely nonjudgmental, energetic, professional, and understanding. Working with her is a pleasure!"   M. K.

"I wish I would have started sooner! Admitting I needed help was the hard part."   Christine S.

"Vali is very professional, very systematic, and very productive!"   Cindy T.

"My initial barrier was mental because I was embarrassed, but you were very professional! I should have used your company much earlier."    Jim P.

"My greatest benefit was getting rid of all of the buildup of paper and books that were outdated. Vali was both professional and efficient!"   Jennie W.

"I couldn’t be happier with Vali’s work and what she has done for me. She has a great personality, is easy to work with, accredited, professional, and discreet (not everyone wants the neighbors to know you’re getting some organization help!)."   Eileen D.

“I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and organizing you did in our house before we moved. Since everything was already organized and downsized our move was easy!”   Sandy P.

"You have helped make a very difficult four months a little easier while we cleaned out my mother's home. I tell EVERYONE about your work ethic, professionalism, and genuine, caring attitude."  Kim Ann E.

"Others tried to help when I wasn't ready and gave up. You were my saving grace! You came up with new ideas I never thought about. You are easy to talk to, considerate, kind, and a joy to be around."   Sheila K.

"It should be a crime to have this much fun!"   Justin B.

"You girls are great! It's tough saying goodbye to your stuff, but I have and can't begin to verbalize the relief I feel. Thank you. Thank you."   Judy W.

"Vali is a great inspiration and she's kind of like Mary Poppins! I forget that we're working and the next thing I know, everything has a home."   Linda M.

"Vali does a great job providing a very beneficial service!"   Katie C.

"Vali is like having a personal trainer. She keeps me focused and motivated and I am better able to keep my office organized after she leaves. Thanks Vali!"   Eve D.

"Thanks for everything! I'm functioning so smoothly. Thanks again for streamlining my thoughts, my office, and MY LIFE!"   Tara H.

"Seeing how quickly things could improve by having focus and building on small successes was the greatest benefit of organizing with Vali."   Michelle T.

"I wish I had called and gotten started earlier. I was immobilized and it felt good to get started and it was nice to have a non-judgmental push."   Chris F.

"It was a great experience...it pays for itself in tax deductions and selling our items on eBay for us!"   Jan C.

"The professionalism, friendliness, and energy of The Clutter Crew kept us going and the end result was marvelous! I wouldn't have believed we could do it in the time frame you had set out, but we did!"   Jeri D.

"You knew the value of possessions and sensed my personal value and sentiment. The clutter is gone and you were courteous, friendly and diligent!"   Gloria R.

“I needed motivation and inspiration to get out from under all my stuff!! I felt overwhelmed by it until I found Vali at the Clutter Crew. I now feel hopeful that one day I can just move on! Thanks!”   Pat D.

"I liked collaborating with Vali on a vision of what the rooms would look like...clutter-free! She helped me to learn how to let go and simplify my spaces."   Elizabeth S.

"With Vali's help I have a completely new home that I am very happy with for the first time in years."   Kelly Y.

"Vali made it easy and jumped right in. She worked 'with me' and did not just tell me what to do. I'm already recommending her to everyone!"   Denise C.

"The Clutter Crew gave me a new perspective on what 'stuff' should be kept or removed. Vali was enthusiastic, focused and resourceful throughout the process."   B.D.

"Vali gave me accountability, direction and future motivation. She improved the use of my garage and my mental state!"   Bonnie L.

"I liked learning about how to organize my space. I really never knew how to do it. Vali led me to the root of my disorganization. Once the root was addressed, the clutter started falling away."   Mark B.

"What a blessing! Everyone should have someone like Vali Heist. She helped sort my belongings and organize my new house after my divorce. It was great having someone I could trust."   Erin E.

"My husband and I got to experience the wonderful peacefulness of my daughter's uncluttered home. You've got a talent that I'm glad she was able to work with and learn from. It looks great!"   Michele F.

"The greatest benefit to me was having scheduled time to do nothing but purge, organize, and make decisions."   Dee Dee B.

“Vali has been such a time saver in so many ways. She is skilled at being able to make things useful and accessible. Vali goes way beyond what you’ve hired her for!”   Alice C.

“I felt comfortable having someone so understanding work with me to bring order to my clutter. Vali is very professional, caring and knowledgeable. I would trust her totally to work with anyone I know.”   Sue M.

“Vali was objective and helped me organize my apartment in an efficient and practical way. She pushed me enough to keep me on track without overwhelming me! It was time and money well spent.”   Marlelle F.

"What I liked best about Vali was the camaraderie, professionalism, expediency, and there was no blame or guilt!"   Janice W.

"Vali was a neutral, pleasant, non-threatening person. It was easy to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with Vali and she made an unpleasant task bearable!"   Jill W.

"Vali was so helpful in determining what to "let go of" when organizing our master closet."   Colleen B.


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