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12 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Organizer and why hire one?

A professional organizer (PO) knows that organizing is much more than just clutter; it's about taking control of your spaces so you can live your life to the fullest. A PO is someone who can help you assess your situation, face your challenges and find solutions. We work with clients who range from the chronically disorganized to someone who wants to organize one room in the home.

Professional organizers are objective, nonjudgmental, able to break your project down into workable parts, and skilled at helping you achieve the results you want. We will listen to you and ask questions so we can achieve your short-term goals and can transfer long-term skills to you to use in the future. Finally, we have resources on where to donate or recycle your unwanted items and referrals for other services you may need.

Shouldn’t I be able to do this by myself?
Not necessarily. If you've tried to get organized by yourself and it's not working, you may need a professional to guide you; and please don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that. Being disorganized or having a cluttered home isn't a character flaw. It's the outcome of thoughts, beliefs, repeated behaviors and often a lack of specific skills. Sometimes it takes a professional armed with certain skills, additional education, training, and drive to make it happen. The good news is thoughts, beliefs and behaviors can be changed and skills can be mastered! With many large projects, setting time aside with a professional by stepping back and assessing the process is the only way to get it done. You may need the objective experience of a professional to know where to start and the steps needed to get it done and in less time.

Do you have references available?
Yes. Please call 610-914-3483 or send an e-mail to vali@thecluttercrew.com and we will provide the names of clients who have happily agreed to give a reference for our services. Also, please see the client testimonials on this website. These are the words of actual clients of The Clutter Crew.

Does the PO do the project alone or do I help?
We work one-on-one with clients in their home. Together we will decide if there is anything that can be completed before the project day and if there is "homework" you can do between project days to save money and practice skills on your own. During the project, you must be present and focused. You must also make arrangements for handling incoming phone calls, redirecting visitors, relocating children and high maintenance pets, etc. so that the project is not interrupted. Time is money and we want you to get the most for your investment.

Will a PO make me discard things I don't want to let go of?
Of course not. A professional organizer is trained to listen to you. We will ask you the right questions that will prompt you to make those decisions. Some clients just need to talk things through or get permission to let some things go. We are not trying to make you the most organized person in the world, but we will agree upon your goals up front and work together to achieve those results. Our goals are your goals.

Can I trust a Professional Organizer to use discretion when working in my home?
Absolutely. We abide by the Code of Ethics from the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO). These guidelines stress the importance of trust, discretion, integrity and confidentiality and to always have the client's best interest at heart. See the complete Code of Ethics on this website. We also have liability insurance and are bonded.

Would you work with my parents in their home or retirement community?
Yes. A growing part of our business is assisting clients in their home or their retirement communities. We also work with parents whose children live out of state and would like to have someone work with their parents to help organize their home or living area. We focus on safety, health and quality of life. Click on the tab Organizing for the Aging for more information.

What if the project doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped?
We guarantee our services 100%. Before work begins, we will outline your goals, agree on your responsibilities and the PO's responsibilities while we work together and write this on the Project Work Order. If within two weeks after the project is completed, you didn't receive exactly what was outlined on the project work order, we will be happy to work with you at no additional charge to achieve your original goals.

How much does it cost to hire The Clutter Crew?
The cost depends upon the depth and breadth of the project and the time it will take to complete it. The cost also depends upon how quickly you make decisions to keep moving forward. You determine how often we meet and whether you want to do homework on your own in between project days to save money. The initial assessment will take at least one hour and costs $35. One-on-one work costs between $55-$75/hour. My rates are competitive with the average rates charged by professional organizers in the region and my services are guaranteed 100%. I prefer cash or check, and I use Venmo and Zelle.

When we are done, you will agree with our previous clients that it was the best money you've spent in a long time. See the testimonials on this website to see what my clients really say.

Will The Clutter Crew help me donate or recycle items?
Yes. We are green organizers which means we organize with environmental concerns in mind. Recycling, donating, and ebay selling your unneeded items is our top priority. We can give you tips on what to donate, who will take donation items, and tax credit basics. We also help you recycle items and deliver items for you. See the organizing tips located on this website for additional information.

What if I just want a plan to get started?
That's okay too! We can help you break down a big project into workable parts with your timeline attached. This process will involve an assessment for $35 plus the cost of writing up an individual project plan for you.

What if The Clutter Crew can’t help me?
If we can't help you with your project, we will recommend other professionals and/or other alternatives to help you achieve your goals. Our goal is to help you move forward with your life and provide other professionals to help you achieve your goals.


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